Current Business Hours:

Monday through Friday
6:00 am to 2:30 pm

Community collection bins are located in front of the Recycling Center which are available for use during business hours Monday through Friday.  We are happy to provide residents and non-residents the opportunity to recycle at your convenience.

Collection Bins are promptly removed at 2:30 p.m.

Scroll down for items that are currently being accepted.

Important Things to Note

  • PLASTICS ARE NOW BEING ACCEPTED! Container Plastics #1, #2, and #5 are accepted at this time, along with CLEAN and DRY plastic bags and film. 
  • Only glass bottles or jars are accepted. (All glass must be sorted by color: brown, clear, and green/blue.)
  • All trash, styrofoam, plastic, and other materials must be removed from cardboard boxes and boxes must be broken down.
  • County trailers (Community Collection Centers) are back in place!! Scroll down for more information.

What can I take to the Athens-Limestone Recycling Center?

Please SORT BEFORE ARRIVING. If bringing items in a plastic bag, empty your items out of the bag into the correct bins. Do not leave the plastic bags.
  1. Plastics: Container plastics #1, #2, and #5, and clean and dry plastic bags and film. 
  2. Electronics (if you have heavy items, please bring help to unload. We currently do not have staff at the plant to help you. There is a $10 fee for TVs of any size. All other electronics are accepted free of charge.)
  3. Cardboard (including paperboard: cereal boxes, drink cartons, etc.) (Cardboard MUST be broken down. Unbroken boxes take up too much space!)
  4. Newspaper (must be separate from other paper)
  5. Junk Mail, Office Paper, Magazines
  6. Steel/Tin Cans and Other Steel Items
  7. Aluminum Cans and Other Aluminum Items
  8. Glass Bottles and Jars – All Colors (Glass must be sorted by colors: brown, clear, and blue and green. NO other types of glass accepted!)
  9.  Motor Oil, Batteries, and Cooking Oil (FOG program)

For information on recycling tires, please click this link.

Other Community Collection Centers 

Community Collection Centers are back in place!  See the list of locations below. These trailers are placed on school grounds, but are for community use. Please be sure to place items in the correct labeled bins. No dumping and no garbage please.
  • East Limestone High School
  • Cedar Hill Elementary
  • West Limestone High School
  • Owens Elementary Property
  • Elkmont High School
  • Johnson Elementary
  • Clements High School
  • Ardmore High School
  • Piney Chapel
  • Tanner High School – located on the North Side of school 

Business Recycling Services

Our recycling center is happy to service Athens and Limestone County businesses. If your business creates cardboard or office paper waste, please contact us to learn how you can recycle your materials free of charge!


Athens City Curbside Recycling

CITY CURBSIDE RECYCLING HAS RESUMED. Curbside recycling in the City of Athens is provided by the Athens City Sanitation Department. If you have questions or would like a blue recycling cart, contact them at 256-233-8747.