The Adopt-A-Spot program was created to involve community organizations and individuals in solving littering problems.

Our community is affected by litter in more ways than you may think. It’s ugly, we know that. Did you know that heavily littered communities reflect a lack of pride that can affect the decision of businesses considering coming to our area?

KALB encourages businesses, civic groups, youth groups, and individuals to step up and take responsibility for a “spot” in Athens or Limestone County. This is a great way to introduce youth groups to community involvement. Once a person has been involved in a litter cleanup, they are much less likely to litter.

KALB will provide trash bags, gloves, safety vests, and litter grabbers for your use in cleaning up your adopted area. KALB staff would be more than happy to speak with you about this program and answer any questions you may have.

Adopt a spot in the City of Athens and your non-profit or civic organization can benefit! Groups that commit to clean up their adopted spot once a month will be rewarded with a check for $50 after every 3rd cleanup (maximum once per quarter). The money must be sent to a civic or non-profit organization and cannot benefit individuals or private businesses. Individuals that adopt an area in the city may donate their $50 to the civic or non-profit group of their choice.

How to Get Involved

KALB staff will be happy to sit down with you and discuss this program. Please call our office at 256-233-8000 or email to set up a meeting time or to answer any questions you may have. Once discussed and an area is decided upon, we will email you the forms that must be completed for participation.