Classroom Presentations

KALB knows that the best way to change the world’s views on environmental issues is to educate our youth.  We have several programs available to teachers that will help you in bringing some of these issues to your classroom.

We place very high importance on the suggestions and comments we receive from our teachers. Please feel free to contact us with any ideas or comments you may have with regard to current or proposed programs that would assist you in the classroom.

TALKING TREE (Preschool – 1st Grade)

talking-treeThe Talking Tree is available to speak to your preschool through first grade students.  Discussion of why trees are important to the planet, to humans, and to animals will be the main topic in language a young child can understand.  We talk about trees providing animal habitats, shade, fuel, food, cooling effect, building materials and more.  Once the children better understand the role trees play in our world, we explain why recycling paper is so important.  This is an interactive lesson, and teachers receive coloring pages for their students to continue the lesson.



Sparky, the official big yellow KALB mascot, and a member of the KALB team will talk with your students about the dangers of litter in our community.  The students will then be offered the opportunity to become Official Litter Patrol Officers!  A police officer or Sheriff’s deputy will swear the students into the program and explain what it means to take an oath.  Students receive an official ID card showing that they are truly Litter Patrol Officers, as well as other goodies.  A letter is also given to the students to be taken home to parents, informing them of their child’s new responsibilities and asking them to support their child by showing good example.


This is a more advanced presentation of the above program without Sparky.  A member of the KALB team and a police officer or sheriff’s deputy will present the program.



This program can be geared toward almost all grade levels.  Students are broken up into small groups and given a bag of 10 clean litter items.  They are asked as a group to list the items from most dangerous to least dangerous taking into consideration people, wildlife, and the environment.  There are no wrong answers.  This is an exercise that allows students to take time to think about the consequences of littering — for some it may be the first time!  Groups decisions are discussed.

ENVIRONMENTAL JEOPARDY (3rd grade and up)  *Student Favorite


This is truly a game of Jeopardy with all answers relating to the environment.  The questions and answered can be geared toward any age group with general or more specific information, depending on the needs of the class.  A short presentation is given covering several of the topics included in the game.  Students are then broken up into teams and compete for points.



A KALB team member will educate your studnets about the importance of recycling.  The questions “Why should we recycle?”, “What will happen if we don’t recycle?”, “How does recycling work?”, and “What is made from recycled materials?” will be answered.  The students will be shown fun items made from recycled materials such as a clothing and carpeting made from plastic bottles, plastic wood, utensils that dissolve in water, and lots of other neat items.  Program is developed based on age group.